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Ace's Dog Training is more than just a business, it is a lifestyle. Our catchy tag line is a reflection of our mission. We are not only here to build positive relationships with our canine counterparts, but to bring our community together. Whether it be animals helping people, people helping people, or people helping animals, outreach and understanding is what we hope to bring to the world. Here at Aces we are not only “Training For Change” in regards to your dog's behavior, but we are training to change people's perception of their place in the community. 


Ace's Training Methodology


Ace's Dog Training leads with positive reinforcement a humane means of establishing and maintaining a lasting relationship between you and whatever animal you are working with. It is a superior means of training used and proven effective by animal training professionals all around the world. It builds a relationship based on trust, patience and consistency which in turn enables one to more clearly communicate ones wants and needs to their animal companions. It is a training theory settled in science as opposed to the outdated “dominance” based, aversion training techniques that are very subjective and often emotional in nature. Positive reinforcement greatly reduces the long list of  fall out behaviors associated with the traditional aversion training, resulting in much more predictable, desirable responses.


The Face Behind Ace's: About Me


My experience in working with various animal species goes back 10+ years, but my love for animals has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. My ventures have afforded me many amazing opportunities to work with a wide variety of both domestic and exotic animals ranging from dolphins to dogs! Over the years I learned whether working with hippos, birds, skunks, pigs, rats, cats, porcupines, sea lions, dolphins, dogs and anything in between, the principles of training were the SAME! Patience and the power of positive reinforcement spans across all species!


My love for all living things was observed as early as age 4. Many family members thought it was a phase I would grow out of expecting I would one day aspire to do a more traditional profession, but on the contrary my love for animals continued to grow.  Slowly but surely I earned each inch, opportunity, and stepping stone in the amazing career field I love so passionately today. I have humble beginnings starting as a volunteer at the local aquarium, which then led to collegiate level internships at the Philadelphia Zoo, SeaWorld Orlando, and Sea Life park in Hawaii. I then graduated from The College of New Jersey with a BS in Psychology.  What does a psychology degree have to do with training animals you ask? Believe it or not, training, (behavior modification) calls on the teachings of John B. Watson, Edward Thorndike, BF Skinner and Ivan Pavlov, leaders in the learning theory of Behaviorism. Behaviorism, (also known as behavioral psychology) is a learning theory that operates under the premise that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. The two types of conditioning (Operant Conditioning & Classical Conditioning) utilized in the modification of human behavior can be applied to anything with a brain stem and an appetite!


In the years following, I established myself as a professional in the animal training arena with career highlights training and performing for JSPA, the largest producer of domestic animal shows in the world at Sea World Orlando's feature show, “Pets Ahoy!” and training/caring for the bottlenose dolphin collection at the one and only Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. After some fun in the spot light, salt water, and sunshine I decided to start a family and share my passion for positive training techniques with dog owners of Las Vegas. Working as an Agility, Obedience, and Boot Camp trainer at a local facility it wasn't long before I decided to embark on the greatest venture of all...Creating Ace's Dog Training! It seems all my life's experiences had led me to this moment in time.  Now, I am the head trainer and sole proprietor of Ace's Dog Training aptly named after the being that inspires me most...my beautiful son. The name serves as a triple entendre as it pays homage to our Vegas roots, is a meaning of excellence and skill, and by no coincidence is my son's nickname! I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a Registered AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and am 1 of 2  pack leaders/therapy dog evaluators in Las Vegas with Independent Therapy Dogs Incorporated.  I invite you to become the next face of Ace's and look forward to having you share in the many benefits of positive training techniques.

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